Buy Here Pay Here Dealership in Edmonton, Alberta

Are you looking for a new or used car but aren’t sure if you will get approved for an auto loan? You don’t have to worry about anything with Taz Loans! As a buy here, pay here dealership, we proudly offer a one-stop shop for all your automotive purchasing needs. Keep reading for more information or visit our FAQ page to learn more about us.

What is a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership?

Exactly what it sounds like! A buy here, pay here dealership provides you with flexible auto financing to help you own the car of your dreams faster. At Taz Loans, we offer our customers sub-prime in-house financing and traditional financing, so they don’t have to stress about getting approved anywhere else.

How a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Works

If you don’t have the total cash amount for the vehicle you are interested in, you will most likely have to take out an auto loan for financing. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, we help you secure financing at competitive rates. Rather than going to a bank or other financial service, we can provide you with on-the-spot financing with no hassles and complete transparency. This can save time waiting for approval from elsewhere that may never come if you have poor credit.

Debunking Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Myths

Buy here, pay here dealerships have gotten a bad reputation due to frequently spread misconceptions and myths. However, we want you to have a comfortable and stress-free financing experience, and at the end of the day, we want mutual satisfaction on both ends. Buy here, pay here dealerships are legitimate. We are government-regulated businesses that follow the rules and regulations put in place for all dealerships. There is a big misconception that buy here, pay here dealerships have over-the-top interest rates that are impossible to pay off. This is not true. We work hard to find reasonable and mutually beneficial interest rates based on the purchase price of the vehicle, the payment plan, and your down payment. Ultimately, depending on these factors, you choose how much or how little your rates will be. Buy here, pay here dealerships have evolved with the changing automotive market, but these outdated misconceptions remain. If you want to learn more about our transparency, feel free to contact us, and our team will be happy to walk you through our processes.