Largest Auto Loan Dealership in Edmonton, AB

Those looking for a new or used car with bad credit may find getting approved for an auto loan challenging. However, at Taz Loans, we are committed to securing financing for all our customers, no matter their situation. As the largest auto loan dealership in Edmonton, Alberta, we have helped hundreds of customers with no credit or bad credit get competitive financing rates and rebuild their credit in the process. It’s a win-win!

Auto Loan Dealership Near Me

At Taz Loans, we proudly offer guaranteed approval for all customers with a down payment of as little as $5,000. Our precisely tailored financing plans work with your budgeting wants and needs to help you own your dream car faster. Not only that, but when you make regular payments to us towards purchasing your new vehicle, we consistently report to credit bureaus to ensure that your credit score goes up with each payment. We offer transparent, judgement-free financing through our flexible payment terms and comprehensive dealer network. Feel free to visit our FAQ page to learn more about our process.

Reliable Auto Loan Dealership

You can count on us! We are proud to provide valuable in-house financing with same-day approval at rates you won’t find anywhere else. We have a comprehensive dealer network that allows us to work alongside many other reputable finance companies in Alberta. Our finance team will work diligently to find the best payment plans and interest rates based on your situation. We have plans that will suit any budget for all types of credit. We offer personalized financing consultation to ensure that all your needs are met precisely to your liking. Our commitment to next-level customer service does not go unnoticed; see for yourself by contacting us! We treat all our customers with the utmost respect and care because when you’re satisfied, we’re satisfied!