Does your customer have:

Cash down (30% or more of book/sale price)?

Trade-in equity of any kind?

Collateral (RV, Boat, Semi, Trailer, Motorcycle)?

Connect INSTANTLY to one of our Lease Managers


How it works: It really is this simple!


Who do we approve?


  • Traditional clients – those with 25% down or equivalent collateral.
  •  “Mid-low credit score” Consumers – those with a Beacon of 550 or under, 550+ with supporting verification may qualify with less money down.
  • Self-Employed 
  • Hard to prove income
  • Child Tax income only.
  • Seasonal workers
  • No out of services restriction
  • Can’t prove income?  No problem!!
  • EI income Accepted.
  • Student or New Immigrant VISAs – 25% down, up to 60-month lease term, regardless of length of VISA. (For example, if an applicant’s VISA expires in 18 months, we can still write their lease over 48-60 months, yielding a significantly lower monthly payment)
  • Clients who don’t want to the vehicle reported to credit agency.

Program Details:

  1. Great Rates — With rates ranging from 8.9% to 25.99%, we are competitive with major national lease companies
  2. Quality Vehicles — Late-model pre-owned vehicles, up to 1-ton.
  3. Flexible Lease Terms — up to 60 months!
  4. Close-end or “Walkaway” Leases – Options, not obligations!
  5. Referrals back to Dealerships Tazloans leases mostly late model preowned vehicles up to 1-ton. Our maximum term is 60 months and, our highest rate is 25.99%. Our leases are closed end or “walkaway” leases. That means that the client has the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease – but not the obligation.

For example, the standard “option to purchase” on a 5-year lease is usually $1. 

If they have great payment history with us, we will provide them financing at even better rates and less money requirement. 

We assume that no one wants a repossession. We believe the reasons repossessions generally occur are because clients’ have purchased a bad vehicle – the wrong vehicle for them – or that they cannot afford the payments. 

Quality transportation is no longer a luxury. Our approvals are based on character and budget. We have the client do a budget – then support the budget with proof of income and bank statements. It has turned out to be balanced method and often means a client that cannot get traditional financing from a bank CAN get approved through TAZLOANS!!

We think we can add 3-5 deals per month to any dealership. These are either deals that you: Can’t get financed; Can’t get financed at a reasonable interest rate; OR Can’t get financed with sufficient advances to provide the vehicle that the client wants, at a satisfactory profit to the dealership.


  • “Credit application that includes anyone (spouse, common-law) who will be driving the vehicle and/or whose income makes up part of the household budget 
  • Credit bureau
  • Proof of income 
  • Valid drivers license for anyone who will be driving or financing/leasing
  • Self employed clients require 3-4 months of recent business bank statements
  • Student or New Immigrant VISAs – copy of their current VISA, and confirmation of current employment/participation in educational program. 

The great thing is that you can still talk to us – meaning – we like a story. 

Where we started:

Tazloans started in 1990 and was the first In-house lease company in western Canada focused entirely on providing quality transportation at fair rates for those with very low credit scores or recent auto write off. The TAZLOANS Program was introduced to dealers, and they referred clients directly to us to provide vehicles and associated lease financing. This was very successful.


The Tazloans program now offers financing through many dealerships in Western Canada –Our philosophy is that the program must be successful for EVERYONE. The dealer must make money, or they will not send business to us; Tazloans must make money in order to stay in business; and the client must get quality transportation and the very attractive rates. Everyone must win. There is nothing wrong with us all making a profit – but we MUST provide good value for the end client.

“Some dealerships treat us like their own in-house lease company – but non-recourse.”